Having access to education, is life-changing

Education is freedom — it is viewed as an imperative piece to break the
cycle of poverty.

In Uganda, seven out of ten children won’t 

finish a primary-level education. 

Uganda has one of the lowest primary ‘survival rates‘ in East Africa. Just 33% of children who start primary school finish.

This compares to Kenya’s primary survival rate of 84%, Tanzania of 78% and Rwanda of 81%. 

Educational Statistics in Uganda


of all children are unable to read or write


of children began and started primary school


of children were able to continue to secondary school

Dedicate a year of education

Your gift supports youth in Uganda with the opportunity to learn, the supplies needed to attend school, and at least two meals a day.

By dedicating a year of education, you are providing children with access to quality education that gives them the tools to thrive independently in the future.

Our secondary students (comparable to 7th-12th grade in the US) are in the greatest need of your financial support. The fees for secondary are too steep to be attainable for all. Only 17% of children receive the opportunity to continue on in their education. Receiving this opportunity gives children the best chance for financial sustainability and independent success!

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“It was one of my best life decisions to donate towards education! I donate to give a chance to become educated, learn how to be a good friend and leader, and to sustain themselves for life. Project Shine’s “hands on” approach to independent living makes this all possible.” – Bridget, Donor since 2012

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