Our Approach

At Project Shine, we focus on a holistic approach that leverages the potential of youth development programs. Our programs foster healthy decision-making at critical moments so that youth do not just survive – they thrive.

youth development programs protect the basic rights of vulnerable youth, encourage personal growth, promote positive behavior change, and develop future leaders.

Outreach &

Mentorship Program

We work to connect youth with the resources to meet their basic needs and to develop long term sustainable solutions.

The aim of this program is to equip youth with a positive mindset so they can pursue their goals and dreams at a critical time when it’s common for them to drop out of school. Older secondary students are also paired with younger students to learn and support one another. Our goal is to make sure every single child we serve can transition into adulthood with the support and tools to succeed!

Child Development &

Joy Program

We encourage youth to express themselves through sports. Soccer is more than just a game, for some it is a lifeline. It is passion, perseverance, dedication and happiness.

Our goal is to provide coaching, training, and a regulated size field for the community where both boys and girls of all ages have the opportunity to play. Soccer fosters a team mentality, trust, and togetherness. It provides a support system that most of these young people did not have growing up. It can also open doors to other opportunities in Uganda, as earning soccer sponsorships can further a child’s education.


Counseling &

Rehabilitation Program

Youth and families are supported with the resources to heal and empower themselves through counseling. We work diligently with local mental health counselors to provide a safe space to talk about trauma so children can heal, learn, and thrive.


Community Impact &

Support Program

We are excited to offer community-based, small business grants. These grants will give committed community members the opportunity to develop a sustainable business proposal. This program gives hope and opportunities to families. It gives parents the chance to be able to afford school fees for their children. And young adults the opportunity to learn and grow. 

I was comparing the life I lived in the past and the life I am living now. Before, just getting something to eat was a tug of war. Now I have completed my secondary courses and I look forward to University. Never did I think this was possible. I am just feeling so blessed.” – Thomas, PSU Student Age 18

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